Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lion City Data, PTE. LTD.?

Lion City Data is a Payday Loan Affiliate Program.

How does the Payday Loan Affiliate Program work?

Affiliates (you) will drive traffic to our offer pages (websites) and when those visitors are approved for a loan you get paid!

How do I drive traffic to your offer pages?

You have many choices. You can put affiliate links in your content, display our banner ads on your blogs, apps, solo ads, ppv ads, newsletter, gaming apps, etc...

When do I get paid?

Every week, you get paid for the previous week's sales. We offer this for everyone and no one else in the industry does that.

How do I get paid?

We offer the most popular way to get paid: PayPal. If you prefer a different payment method, contact us. We are open to almost any third-party payment processor.

Once I register, can I start driving traffic?

When you register, your account is auto-approved. So go ahead and setup your affiliate links, banner ads, etc.. and start promoting.

Do you provide reporting?

Yes. When you login to your control panel, you will see the main dashboard which provides performance data for today and up to the last 7 days. See screen shots for how the dashboard looks.

Can I have the data from leads I generated?

Yes. We offer a data export function which allows you to export your leads email address, name, address, ip address, phone numbers, revenue and date created. This is very helpful for remarketing purposes and we are the only payday loan affiliate program that offers this feature.

Why do affiliates make more money with Lion City Data?

Lion City Data has a smaller margin than other payday loan affiliate programs, that means more money passes back to you.

What is considered a quality lead?

A quality lead, which will get top dollar, is a person that has a job, does not have any payday loans currently and has no negative data in sub-prime credit bureaus. Their FICO credit score does not matter. These leads get $220 or more during busy season.

When is busy season?

Busy season is from November 15th to January 15th. A lot of leads are sold during this time.

When is slow season?

Slow season is right after the busy season until April 15th, when everyone gets their tax refund checks.

How can I be successful as a payday loan affiliate marketer?

The key to payday loan success is by finding new sources of payday loan customers. Marketing to existing customers does work but your sales will be lower.

What sources of traffic do you accept?

Lion City Data accepts almost any traffic. We acept blog traffic, e-mail traffic, banner traffic, ppv traffic, solo ads, newsletter traffic. If you have other sources, please contact us.

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